1. where are you girls from?
we grew up in caldwell, idaho - a small town right outside of boise.

2. how do you afford to travel so much?
budgeting takes discipline. if you'd like a copy of our budget template, check it out here!

3. where do you get your gear?
we are definitely bargain shoppers. we frequent online sites such as backcountrysteep and cheapwhiskey militiageartrade, sierra trading post, and REI.

4. what cameras do you use?
kylie shoots on a canon 5d mark ii, lisa a canon t2i, and megan a canon 60d

5. what do you do for a living?
kylie is a photographer, lisa works as a nanny and jewelry designer and megan is the owner of a watch company.

6. where do you find volunteer opportunities?
check out wango for the world's longest list of NGOs. it's an excellent resource if you're looking for volunteer work! if you're wanting to volunteer but not pay an arm and leg to do it, apply to be an international intern. 

7. where do you find cheap places to stay when you travel?
a few of our favorite sites include: lonely planet's thorntree forum, lonely planet guidebook series, airbnbcouchsurfing or hostelworld. do what fits your budget.

8. how did you meet your husbands? any funny stories about mixing you up?
you can read all about our love stories here and some funny mishaps here!

9. what do you guys recommend when it comes to finding affordable airfare? what are the best sites/airlines? 
we use the app called skyscannerspirit airlinesallegiant aircheapflights.com and kayak are also great resources.

10. what religion are you?
we are members of the church of jesus christ of latter day saints, also known as LDS/mormon. for any questions you may have please refer here. we are always happy to answer your questions, too!

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  1. What kind of camera do you use in the water? I am looking for a waterproof camera, and your water pics seem to always turn out great!

  2. What do you guys use for your blog? Wordpress? Blogger? The layout is amazing


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