love your city: san diego sunset cliffs with albion fit

San Diego, CA

Spring break is in full force and the weather is finally warming up! The weekend called for a good beach day full of sunshine and new places. Chase and I finally made it out to Sunset Cliffs in San Diego to soak in the sights and hit up a new beach. It was low tide and I was lucky enough to score some awesome sea glass and even check out a cool sea slug. There's places here you can cliff jump as well, but the tide was too low so we passed.

On the bright side, check out my adorable swimmie that I'm obsessed with! Pink and palm leaves, can't go wrong my friends. And the comfort level is top notch, especially for this long torso of mine! We are huge fans of Albion Fit and want you to check out all their new designs for your summer adventures. Use code FRESHAIR at checkout for 15% off your purchase and get yo' buns to the beach!
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