are you lost?

Yosemite National Park, CA


We came across this video by Fjallraven the other day and absolutely loved it. This guy knows his stuff, and has really great safety tips for if/when you get lost on the trail. There's a few key points to remember when you've lost your way, and it's important to have this knowledge stored in your memory bank should these events ever occur in your adventure-having life. We sure took notes!

Acronyms are our jam when it comes to learning and remembering things. Growing up, our mama always taught us things in acronyms so we wouldn't forget things and it's kinda stuck with us. We dig Fjallraven's advice because he uses this easy to remember method and he's just cool. The first thing you should do when you think you might be lost is STOP. 

S: Stop
T: Think
O: Orientate
P: Plan

Watch the full video for details one each step!
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  1. Wow what a great video! I never knew the international sign for help is 3. Thanks for sharing.


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