Supai, AZ

 Hammock c/o Kammok
Wide Brim Hat c/o Feral 

Havasupai is one of those places that you literally dream of. In fact, it was rated one of the top swimming holes in the United States this summer. In July, Kylie and I were lucky enough to experience this place with 20 other rad women whom like us, live to be outdoors. Megan was at home with her sweet new baby Liv and son Van and we sure missed her. So one of these days we will go back again as sisters with our own little families and we truly look forward to this day. 

The thing about Havsupai is it's not just pretty waterfalls. Although, that's what makes it so famous, this place is a serious backpacking trip. Completing it is such a rad accomplishment and feat, one that you can definitely check off your bucket list. You not only have to be prepared with the proper backpacking and camping supplies, but you need to be in good hiking shape. The trail head is at the top of the Grand Canyon in Arizona and weaves down 10 miles to the base of the canyon. You will then hit a sweet little town called Supai, which is home to a Native American tribe who lives there year round. It is truly amazing to see how these people have made this place their home. After passing through the town its another 2 miles to the campgrounds, then collectively 3-7 miles to the various waterfalls. 

Because we went in July, we were crazy hot and wiped out after such a long hike with our packs. The second we saw that first waterfall we all got in our swimsuits as fast as we could and jumped right in. The water was pleasant and not too cold, but definitely had a refreshing chill. We swam around like mermaids and took lots of silly photos to remember this hidden gem deep inside a canyon. As the evening came to a close we were exhausted from the heat, hiking and now swimming and the only thing that sounded good was sitting down and eating. Once at camp, we gathered around a table together for dinner and talked story. We joked about who had the best dehydrated meals and even shared each other's yummy snacks. After we finished our meals, Aly busted out her tarot cards and gave a few readings and we were all amazed and their accuracy haha. It was then that the sun had set and the dry thunder storm hit high in the canyon, filling the black sky with flashes and deep roars.

I'll never forget these hot summer nights filled with laughter, swapping stories of personal sorrows, joys, family life and  accomplishments. The things each girl there had experienced already and had set in mind for the future were incredibly inspiring. Considering we were a large group of women who had literally just met through instagram, it truly felt like we were sole sisters. We believe this is due to nature and her all loving power to draw people together. Truly heaven on earth. 

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4 comments on HAVASUPAI: DAY 1

  1. It sure looks like heaven. The pictures really show how much fun you had and how pretty it is there

  2. You seem to be very happy in the pictures :) This place looks amazing!


  3. I am heading there in just a few weeks. I am wondering if you recommend sleeping on a hammock or if a tent would be better? I'm trying to go as minimalist as possible but I've never done a backpacking trip with just a hammock. Some tips would be greatly appreciated!


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