Supai, AZ

After waking up on a cold cafeteria floor, we had 10 more miles left to hike out of the Grand Canyon. The storm had passed and the rain had stopped. There were still puddles on the trails but not near as bad as they were the previous night. We decided to wake up around 4 am to hike the remaining stretch and journey our way home. None of us slept well that night on the floor despite our great attempts to create comfort. When we woke up to get dressed with what was left of our lightly packed backpacks, we each found a pair of dry socks to hide the pain of our feet injuries. Blisters like you wouldn't believe! It's crazy how your body becomes numb to the pain when you're constantly moving, but the moment you stop for a rest it hits like a ton of bricks. So on with the bandaids and mole skins and off we went.

Hiking out at dawn ended up being perfect weather wise, as it was still shady and cool. The dark night sky lifted within an hour or two and the sun began to peak over the canyon walls. We struggled with our sore muscles and feet to hike uphill but pushed through it. The views were impeccable and the company even better. We talked about our favorite moments of the weekend and laughed at how sore we all were. Some of the girls in our group decided to rent donkeys to carry their packs, while others carried their own. Kylie and I hiked out with our packs and but because they were wet from the storm they suddenly gained a lot of weight. It was pretty exhausting to say the least, and everytime we saw a mule run by with packs we felt tempted to just chuck our bags on their backs too. Eventually, we began recognizing the path to the final stretch and that was a sight to behold.

Four hours later, our small group of five made it to the top. There were others from our group that had already finished and they greeted us with cheering and high fives. Completing a hike like this felt awesome and definitely goal accomplishing. We immediately stopped and turned around to soak up what we had just conquered and what a majestic view it was. As we sat there together we collectively calculated just about how many miles we had actually hiked in those quick three days. 33 is what we totaled. 33 crazy miles with 20 rad chicks. Can't wait till next time ladies!

Search #havasupagoodtime on instagram for more awesome photos of our girls weekend in Havasupai!
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  1. These photos are insane!! So gorgeous.


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