Hey everyone! 

We've moved from Traveling Triplets to Hope You Like Fresh Air! After over six years of blogging as the Traveling Triplets, we decided it was time for a change. We hope you'll stick around and continue to follow along with us as we share our new ideas and experiences with you! This change was inspired by little more than a desire to expand our community beyond our own sisterhood and to the incredible avid sisterhood of outdoor women and fellow-adventurers doing amazing things every day.

What started six years ago at a desk in Hawaii as a blog to keep three triplet sisters connected when they lived apart and traveled on their own quickly became something else entirely. Even in the beginning our goal was to share, inspire and connect with others - it wasn't about anything else. Our love for travel and adventure is in our blood, and we know it's in yours too. We'd all rather be outside! This is a place where you and I can embrace all the things we love and to grow from strangers to friends. Eventually, over the years, we're becoming mothers and families as well and there's a lot more we want to share on that front.

We apologize for the confusion and thank you for putting up with the mess! We hope it's been worth it so far. It's a real breath of fresh air for us! :)

Please be sure to update your Bloglovin' and other socials to keep up to date! 
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