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Late summer happens to be one of the best times for visiting the London with some of the warmest temperatures of the year, but residents can also attest to the fact that it can also be the wettest month with the British weather being extremely unpredictable. Temperatures can soar up to the early 30s (86 degrees and above in Fahrenheit) and at night they can dip down to a mild 18 degrees Celsius (64.4 degrees Fahrenheit), so to make sure that you’re dressed appropriately for the season, we’ve compiled a few necessities for your summer trip to counter any weather issues along the way.

1. An umbrella 

Bring an umbrella that’s small enough to fit in your tote so that you don’t have to lug around something extra or accidentally misplace it. Make sure it’s a sturdy one too. 

2. Waterproof or water-resistant shoes 

Wellingto boots are a pain to pack; you’ll save yourself hassle by taking water resistant boots and flats with you. If you don’t have any, you can easily buy sprays at retailers and follow this video tutorial on waterproofing your shoes.

3. A selection of cardigans and scarves

Some days are going to be toasty while others are going to be dreary. The outer layers are going to keep you warm on those chilly days and cool nights. Plus, they’ll add a little extra something to your outfit. A light leather jacket would be an excellent item to pack for your trip and should definitely be considered. As a general tip for packing, you’re better off leaving most of your summery items at home, but it doesn’t hurt to take a sundress, a few pairs of shorts and skirts along with you.

When flying into London, Heathrow and Gatwick are the two busiest airports in the area, so it’s likely that you’ll be arriving at Heathrow if you’re flying with a full service carrier or at Gatwick if you’re on a budget airline. The wealth of services offered at London Gatwick, from parking and operating carriers, have made it the preferred choice of airport to pass through, and to ensure that you’ve followed the proper security measures for you luggage, visit the main website for extra packing guidelines.
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  1. London is always a good decision ;)

    Enjoy your sunday!! :)
    Lisa | Joy Della Vita Travelblog

  2. I work in London and still struggle to decide what to wear each day! 18 degrees Celsius is blistering hot by our British standards ;-)

    Danielle |


  3. Really good tips. It rains or drizzles at least a little almost every day, so if you are going to be anywhere in the UK for an extended period of time, a lightweight but fashionable raincoat with a generous hood would probably be your best investment.

  4. Hey guys! So is travelling triplets no longer in action or has it all been transferred to this new domain? Just trying to figure out who I should be following on bloglovin :)


    1. hi sophie! thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. we just made a new post explaining everything but YES it's still US! we just rebranded from traveling triplets to hope you like fresh air, so you're in the right place! our new bloglovin link is at the top of our blog and linked in our most recent post. thanks for sticking around! xxx


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