Joshua Tree, CA

Camping in Joshua Tree is so dreamy. There is something about the desert that is very ethereal and I like it. Chase and I came here to celebrate my (well…our) birthday. If you are into rock climbing and bouldering this would seriously be your heaven. For us, we just enjoy the camping experience and fun exploring and hiking it offers.

The best time to camp at Joshua Tree is in the winter and spring. Once June and July hit it gets super hot up there so probably isn't as comfortable. We went in May and the days were in the mid 70s with a slight breeze while the nights were cold enough for a heavy coat and beanies. We slept comfortably in our awesome Kelty tent and were grateful it had a rain fly to protect us from the wind.

One of my favorite parts of this weekend was waking up to delicious pancakes! We used two scoops of  plant based protein powder from Designer Protein to give us the energy we needed to get through the day. Feel free to find the recipe here. They truly were delicious. Happy camping!
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2 comments on JOSHUA TREE

  1. Love the pictures... and great idea on the pancakes :)

  2. I love Joshua Tree National Park. I haven't spent much time there, but we used to drive by quite often on my family's crazy cross country road trips. These photos were gorgeous. They really captured the feeling of the place.


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