Supai, AZ

beef jerky
dehydrated fruit 
veggie crisps
granola bars


shampoo/conditioner/body wash
baby wipes
hand sanitizer
first aid kit
bug spray

Thursday Kylie and I are going to embark on an epic trip we have been looking forward to for a month or so now. We will be meeting up in Arizona with twenty something rad women who are outdoor enthusiasts just like us to hike Havasupai! If you don't know already, its a rad oasis with series of crystal blue waterfalls tucked away in the Grand Canyon. With this trip, we alongside all the other women attending hope to inspire each of you to make the decision now and just take a long weekend and get out and explore. With proper planning we were all able to adjust our work schedules to make it happen and it will be so worth the effort. Don't ever say you can't until you have tried!

Preparing for a venture like this is quite the task. If you are already into backpacking you may have all of this on hand which is awesome. For me, I had to do some shopping to prep for this weekend getaway and wanted to find the best deals. So here I am, sharing what I have found with you that were both affordable and essential for this trip.

The three main things you will need to hike Havasupai are essentials for sleeping, eating, and hygiene (alongside the usual clothing). When you're backpacking you want your pack to be as light as possible. I found some amazing deals on REI outlet online as well as High Sierra. Always check there first before dropping the big bucks at the actual stores. It helped Kylie and I to create a packing list via Pinterest with links to good product as well.

More details will come about how to hike Havasupai when we return, but for now enjoy our essentials packing list and start your prepping now. And don't forget to bring some cash, your go pro, sunscreen, hiking sandals, a hat and proper clothing especially a swimsuit! Hope to see you follow along our adventures!
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