Those looking to make their getaway to Great Britain have a lot more to consider than just castles, cobblestones, and clock towers (although those are pretty rad too). Just around the corner from London are tons of lovely beaches perfect for a day-trip to soak up some sun. Here are a few tips and tricks for making the most from your vacation.
01. Try the Train for Fast Travel

Travelers looking to take to the beach will be in for a rude awakening when beach weather arrives in Britain. Although there are loads of terrific beaches and attractions to see a short drive outside of the city, the roads to the coast will be packed with people who had the same idea. Catching a train to Brighton or Essex will be your best bet to cut down on cost, time, and stress if you're trying to hit the waves. Metro UK has some excellent recommendations for trip-worthy beaches only a train ride away from the heart of London.

02. Don't Forget the Sunscreen

Even though England isn't necessarily known for its warm and sunny weather that doesn't mean you should leave the house unprotected. Even if it's an overcast day it's important to put on some effective sunblock. We'd recommend a minimum of SPF 30 to keep yourself safe from the sun's rays. You'll still get that tan you're looking for and your skin will thank you. 

03. Find Your Footing with Comfortable Shoes

Some of the beaches in the UK aren't outfitted with the shimmering sands to which Americans may find themselves more accustomed. Brighton is an example of a "shingle beach" lined with layers of small, smooth pebbles and cobbles of varying stones. While breathtakingly beautiful, these aren't necessarily the shores you want to lie down on and soak up some rays. Be sure to come prepared or you'll find a hard time for your poor feet. 

04. Splurge on a New Suit and Stylish Sunglasses

Again, London has some of the best shops in the world and you're on vacation, so why not splurge a little? Grab a new suit and some shades before you swing by the sea. British Airways has a nice breakdown of the smorgasbord of shops that should have all you need to be ready for summer. You can indulge in some high fashion at Harrods or go on a shopping spree at Selfridges. Fashionistas looking for a quick fix can check out the offerings at TopShop for some of the hottest items in the world of affordable fast fashion. 

05. Plan Ahead for Family Fun

Like most beach destinations, there's a lot more to do than just lounge by the water. Those looking for attractions, shopping, and restaurants will be greeted by a wealth of options in case the weather turns foul. Tourists can hit the famous open market, take a walk on the well-known piers, or even visit top-notch aquariums. Rain or shine, there's no shortage of great things to do on the beach or the boardwalk, so come prepared with a gameplan to get the most from your trip. 

With these tips, you'll find yourself fully prepared to take on tourist season. Suit up and start your own adventure!

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  1. Look at little Brighton there! Ahh such a lovely place it really is xx


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