We're sharing tips for traveling with long-distance friends on GrindTV! Check out our article here and get our inside scoop on how we make adventures happen with all the milage between us. That's the thing about travel - once you make it a priority you'll always be looking for ways to make it a part of your life, and often times that requires a little creativity and a lot of patience. It's hard living apart and making plans can be discouraging if you don't quite know how to organize your life in a way that aligns with what your heart really wants. 
We're breaking it down for you to get you on the road (or plane) with your buddies this summer! Check out our tips and be sure to read the full article over here!

1. You'll need some lead time
2. Use online tools to organize travel plans
3. Figure out a system for sharing expenses
4. Decide on a point person
5. Put it to a vote
6. Save your best behavior for each other

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