June Lake, CA

Activity: June Lake  Location: June Lake, CA

The first thing I noticed about June Lake was how beautiful and teal the water was. These pictures don't do it justice, this water was amazing. I really think you can get lucky with photos depending on the time of year, day and how the lighting is when you go. Either way, just pulling up to park you just see this richly teal water in the distance with mountains as the back drop. Stunning. People like to come here to fish, swim, picnic, take photos and relax. If you're really prepared, you can canoe or kayak!

Kylie and I stopped at June Lake to check it out with our husbands as we were exploring between Bishop and Mammoth. We hung some hammocks and ate muddy buddies as we swung together. It was cold and windy so I was sure to snuggle up in Kylie's poler nap sack. That thing is so dang funny I could not stop laughing! I've seen her wear it a lot and just had to see what it was all about. And man, I did not want to give it back! It was so silly but incredibly practical! I felt as if I should be in character, so I played up the part and acted like a fat marshmallow polar bear haha, while Kylie was my wild child gypsy girl. It was a good time chatting on the beach and relaxing before we returned to our campsite.

What are your plans this weekend?

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