Vasquez Rocks, CA

We've been a little off the grid lately. Megan had her baby girl 2 months early and has spent every waking moment with her in the NICU making trips back and forth between home and the hospital, while also raising her 2-year old love-bug, Vanny. She'll talk more on this later! Lisa has been a busy bee with her jewelry creations and work, and I've spent the last two months packing, moving and then traveling throughout Europe. It's been a whirlwind for sure!

Just wanted to pop in and say HELLO and let you know we have lots in store for you this Spring and Summer! Stay tuned for tips on road tripping from Los Angeles to San Francisco, National Parks throughout California, skiing in the Swiss and French Alps and visiting Switzerland and France! We've got a lot of ground to cover and we're determined to make it happen! Thanks for hanging in there with us and for sticking around during our ups and downs and all arounds :)

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