Alabama Hills, Lone Pine, CA

A few weeks ago Ky and I went camping in Alabama Hills. It's where the mountains meet the desert and it's pretty dang awesome. Camping is a our thang if ya know what I mean, but with camping comes unexpected and often time, humorous events.

Chase and I showed up at the campsite around 10:30 at night. That's the norm for us since we work the normal 8-5 type of jobs. We are known to arrive at camp once the sun is already asleep. The great thing about showing up during the night is that we had two adorable cosmo people to greet us! And I'm not talking about the beautiful starry night ;). Ky and Spence were dressed in their cosmo onesie jumpsuits just roaming around haha, it was the funniest thing ever! But I must admit, they are dang comfy and perfect for keeping you warm over other layers of clothes.

After we exchanged hellos Chase started setting up our tent. Except, our tent wasn't exactly a tent. We forgot the poles! At first I thought Chase was kidding, but I quickly read by his tone that this was not a joke! And to top it off, our pump didn't fit our mattress pad (hah). Tricks on us!

Chase and I had a lovely night sleeping on a collapsed tent with only a blanket and tarp between us and the dirt. We kept another blanket on the top of us and thankfully the desert wasn't too cold that night. Oh, and a little critter which I suspect was a coyote decided to walk on top of me and sniff my head nice and good. Yes, TERRIFYING! It woke me up and all I could do was stay very still tight in my sleeping bag and pray for mercy. At first I thought it was a dream, but once I was awake and heard it sniffing around my head and sleeping bag I knew it was real! Chase still doesn't believe me, but I'm telling you people, it happened! Bunnies and rodents don't sniff that loud or weigh enough to wake up a deep sleeper like me. Lets just say it was a night to remember. Waking up alive has never felt so good. Even with a terrible back ache :).

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  1. I always think its cool to sleep under the stars, but never had that experience. That's terrifying! Glad it turned out fine though!

  2. I really enjoy your photos and reading your posts. xo

  3. oh my goodness, that sniffing would scare me too! glad you made it out alive!

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