Los Angeles, CA

WithoutWalls extended a special invitation to join an exclusive WithoutWalls high intensity workout event! I was super stoked to represent the Traveling Triplets, and worked out hard in the LA heat with sun glaring in my eyes. It was super fun and nice to get a little morning sunshine too!
 I'm the one in the white tank, bottom center ^^^
 We snapped a pic for Urban Outfitter's blog ^^^
This guy next to me was super nice and encouraging ^^^
 That window next to me (I'm the third person in) was FreePeople, and there were shoppers just staring at us like we were super weird haha it was kind of hard to concentrate without laughing ^^^
 Allie Cohen was our trainer for the day, and she was super fun, cute and cool. I really dug her workout style and beats! ^^^
 I'm on far right, doing some warm-up stretches ^^^
 Ab routine, getting shredded! ^^^
I'm the little floating feet in bottom right corner ^^^

Without Walls hosted a great workout. I had so much fun, and at the end of the workout we had a plank contest to see who could hold it the longest. I won! It was super cool to push myself harder, knowing it was a competition and all and being the competitive person I am. I really wanted to win, haha. To keep my mind off the distractions I closed my eyes and visualized Paris over and over again, and thought about all the things I'm going to eat. After a few minutes I had a major case of the quakes, and when we finished my neighbor was really nice and told me great job. It means a lot to support the people around you in their health/fitness goals, and it's really nice to congratulate others on their progress and achievements. I'm making that one of my goals this year - to not only be the change I want to see but to encourage others along the way. 

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