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Traveling when pregnant can be tricky! Not only gauging what you need to pack, but making sure you are prepared in case the inevitable happens. It might seem intimidating to sit on a plane for an extended amount of time or sleep in a strange hotel room, but this is your time! This is your chance to get away and treat yourself! Plan something that you can really enjoy while pregnant and time it right with your doctor.

Here is my comprehensive checklist for staying healthy and comfortable when traveling pregnant.

1. A list of unsafe foods: Know what is ok and not ok to eat while pregnant. Double check with your doctor about what is safe to eat, and some may even recommend to avoid fruit and vegetables depending on where you go. Limit gas producing foods to avoid discomfort and bloating. Pack healthy snacks and bottled water to avoid getting sick or anything that can be dangerous to your baby.

2. Medical records or doctor's note: Ask your doctor for a copy of your medical records just in case you need to go to the hospital while abroad. If you are further along in your pregnancy a doctor's note might be necessary to fly, but it is usually recommended to travel while in your second trimester (14-28 weeks) when medical emergencies are least likely to occur. While you're at it make sure to check with your doctor about getting your flu vaccine before you go!

3. Know where nearest hospital is: If you are a high-risk or complicated pregnancy (like me) find out what care facilities are available in the off-chance something goes wrong.

4. Pack your supplements: This includes prenatal vitamins, fiber supplements, hemorrhoid essentials if you suffer from them, anti-itch creams, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, and anything else that might make you more comfortable.

5. Book an aisle seat: For frequent trips to the bathroom or walking around when you need to book an aisle seat on the plane. Make sure [if you are driving] your car/rental car has a working air conditioning before hitting the road since pregnancy can make you feel overheated. Always wear your seatbelt in cars and airplanes and don't be afraid to ask for anything you might need to make you more comfortable. Bring on the extra pillows please!

6. Wash your hands often, drink plenty of water, keep moving to avoid muscle cramps, and prop your feet up to reduce swelling.

7. Dress to stay comfortable: Don't worry too much about dressing to impress! Pack key items and layering pieces that are easy to change with the ups and downs of traveling. Think leggings, comfy socks, flip flops, flats, and a cardigan for your travel outfit!

Remember this is YOUR time before baby comes, and you will be so glad you prioritized yourself for a fun and relaxing trip.
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