Last fall my husband took a surf trip to Playa Colorado in Nicaragua with the guys. Located on the South West Coast, this place is known for its great beach breaks and off shore winds for some of the world's best surf.

They decided to stay at Hacienda Iguana right on the beach. It included a two story, four bedroom condo with three bathrooms, wifi and tv for only $30 each a night per person (split between seven guys). They even had a game room and access to the pool and restaurant. The condo included three meals a day and daily cleaning. The best part of where they stayed is that the best surf was in their front yard.

Most of the boys time was spent in the water surfing three times a day, only stopping to eat. They took one day to go dirt biking to Playa Santana to check out another beach break and local villages in-between. They were able to see monkeys in hammocks and pigs laying in slop and plenty of cows. It was definitely a guys surf trip with nothing but surfing, eating and sleeping on repeat. They were in heaven and if you are up for a rad surf trip definitely look into this location.

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