San Diego, CA

{our tour ship}
 {an old pirate ship and submarine museum}
{beautiful skyscrapers along the harbor}
 {san diego skyline}
 {protected sea lions basking in the sun}
 {view of hotel del coronado}
 {naval work ship}
{cornado bridge}
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It's funny how sometimes we as humans tend to get caught up in having to do something drastic to have a little fun. Because lets face the facts, it's not always easy to book a ticket and leave for a month. Although we don't let life get in the way as an excuse, we do constantly seek to find adventure right outside our front door.

This past weekend my husband and I decided to take a little cruise of San Diego Harbor just for fun. It was primarily exploring the military and naval base which was very interesting to learn about, but we also got to see some of San Diego's most well known landmarks besides the naval base, including Hotel Del Coronado, Point Loma, a few hidden away resorts and the Coronado Bridge. We enjoyed the two hour boat ride and relaxed in the sun, breathing in the salty air! 

The great thing about Flagship cruises is that afterwards you're in the heart of downtown! Chase and I enjoyed a delicious salmon sandwich right there at a cute cafe on the bay. It was beautiful watching the sunset and enjoying the change of scenery. And let's not forget, it's about a 10-15 minute walk from Little Italy. SCORE! 

FYI: Pop on over to Without Walls and read our feature on how to plan a trip with your friends! Spring break is right around the corner, so now is the time people :)

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