Bear Valley, ID

^ Our campsite for the weekend.
^ Van snuggling Jimmy
^ Van napping in his GoCrib.
^ Happy campers!
^ Reading stories before bedtime.

I am lucky to have a happy little camper baby. Van loves being outside and he loves being in the van. This time around he was an angel and napped twice a day and the only thing that woke him at night was the cold, so we had to turn the van on to warm up periodically when the temps got low. 

The van life is like having our own little home on four wheels. It's a simple life, and we don't need much. Here in Bear Valley, Idaho (located near Loman) the fishing is great, the views are amazing, and the camping is free. We enjoyed a weekend camping with family, cooking dutch oven meals, fishing, riding motorcycles, and exploring the outdoors. 

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1 comments on BEAR VALLEY

  1. What a cute little camper baby! One thing I don't do enough of is camping!


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