Mount Baldy, CA

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Over New Years Kylie and I got together to enjoy our long holiday weekend. Mt. Baldy was the destination and it's funny how sometimes plans don't really go as "planned." We arrived at Mt. Baldy with intentions of riding the chair lift to the tippy top and doing a little exploring, followed by warming up in the lodge with some yummy food. But the bummer is, the moment we showed up after the bad New Years traffic the chair lift had closed (hah). I guess it was too crowded at the top and they weren't able to let anyone else ride the lift. It also only moves about 2 mph (haha) so it takes a long time for them to get people up and down. We were kinda bummed, but there wasn't a lot of snow anyway so we decided to do a little hike instead.

Close by we found a trail to a beautiful waterfall. It was super short and easy so you don't have to be too prepared for a legit hike, it's more of a stroll. Once we turned the final corner and saw the icy waterfall we knew we had made it. There was a little sledding hill nearby which looked super sketchy in my mind since there was a small stream trickling below it, but people were sledding none the less. Not what I would recommend, sledding on icy snow but hey people do what they want I suppose. On our way back, we caught the sun going to sleep in the mountains and it was absolutely gorgeous. Blows my mind how this place is only a short hour from LA. I love that about California, there is so much to explore and we really do have the best of both worlds here, ocean and mountains. So get out and explore!

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3 comments on MOUNT BALDY

  1. Sledding on ice just sounds like an accident waiting to happen! Did you use a GoPro for some of these? I love the fisheye lens look.

    I've got a little travel trivia going on over on my blog today if you want to swing by and have a guess. :o)


    1. yes most of these are with my go pro and a few are from our instagram, thank you! and yes the sledding on ice was so sketchy, i couldn't believe people were doing it. i mean there was some snow but not enough to be safe in my opinion haha. thanks for reading :) xo

  2. Beautiful pictures. Sledding on ice sounds pretty nuts if you ask me haha. I love that we have a beautiful ocean where I live but unfortunately we lack in the Mountain department, it suuccccks.



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