Bear Mt. Ski Resort, CA

Growing up in Idaho, we skied a ton in the winters. After living in Hawaii and now California, I often wondered if skiing would be a part of my life like it was growing up. I love skiing, especially with my sisters. Luckily, Bear Mountain is just a short drive away from us here in San Diego and Kylie isn't too far from it herself up in LA. So one weekend we made a plan to go together and it was such a blast.

Colorful thermal c/o: Without Walls 

Bear is known for their park and attracts riders from all over the US. We prefer back country down hill skiing and going fast, although we did dabble around with park riding in high school and college. Peer pressure from our friends helped a lot (wink). Ky and I weren't so sure how much we would like Bear and were afraid of getting bored going down the same run that wasn't that steep. The resort had recently opened so not too many runs were open, but we made the best of it. They had just received snow so we actually had a little bit of powder! We ended up taking our time going down the main run, building up the courage to do table tops and boxes and making videos that maybe we will be brave enough to show soon. Either way, skiing is skiing and no matter what it's fun. This day Ky and I learned to not be too picky and enjoy the conditions that surround us. I guess Idaho, Utah and Wyoming skiing spoiled us ;). Regardless, Nature is beautiful, so let's enjoy it and get some pow pow!

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