Bogus Basin Road, ID

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We were on our way to our home mountain, Bogus Basin, for some night skiing when we just had to stop and soak in the view. TAKE. A. LOOK. It is unreal! The clouds were low and we were afraid skiing conditions were going to be terrible, but suddenly as we passed a certain peak the fog cleared and we were above a beautiful blanket of clouds! It was like dying and going to heaven, minus the dying part.

It was my first time taking my baby boy Van skiing. Well, he's not so much a baby anymore. At 23 months old he skied like a champ for at least two hours before it was time to take a break. I enjoyed every step of the way. Layering him up, buckling his boots, and attaching his edgie wedgie to the tips of his skis. He skied back and forth to mom and dad and we were dying of cuteness. He makes me such a proud mom! 

Did we mention that I am pregnant with my second? Yep! Baby #2 is coming this spring! And I'm having a GIRL!!!!! She is due May 7th and I couldn't be more excited to give Van a little sister and a little girl to pal with when the boys do boy stuff. So here I am in my 23 weeks baby bump glory, and somehow the shirt still fit! Fantastic.
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2 comments on ABOVE THE CLOUDS

  1. Those pictures are awesome. It looks like an ocean of clouds! Also congrats again on baby #2!!

  2. That really does look like heaven! So sweet that Van is learning to ski - best to get them started early hey. Congratulations on baby number 2 also. xx



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