Orlando is a hot spot in Florida and it’s filled with heaps of attractions and activities. Unfortunately, many of activities can cost a pretty penny, especially when in tow with the whole family. Luckily there’s a few tricks and things to do here where you can save a bundle without skimping on the fun. 
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Save on Food (and sanity)
We all know food can be the culprit of your budget getting munched away, and throw the picky eaters, I mean kids, into the mix, and you can blow money on food or encounter a scene at a restaurant. The quick fix? Get those littles to the park and have a nice picnic. You buy the yummy quick things you know they will eat, and buying from the store will definitely save you some cash. After they are done eating they can run around to their hearts content and burn off that extra bit of energy.

You can have a picnic at the beautiful Lake Eola Park. Right in the center of downtown Orlando, the city park offers a multi-tiered fountain with water show at night, a big lake in the center with swan rides, and of course, plenty of room for running around.

Save on Movies
Are you looking for an activity on a Wednesday night? How does dinner and a movie sound? No worries on spending tons of money on this place though, because at the Enzian, every Wednesday night is free, that’s right free, movie night. There’s a cafe there for some munchies, and some adult beverages like beer and wine. This is a fun spot for everyone in town.

Save on Style
So you are bit worried about the teenagers because they are starting to actually care what they wear and how they look. You’re already seeing the dollar signs rack up on the credit card for back to school clothes. But when you’re in Orlando, you can shop a ton, spend little, and still look pretty styling. How? There’s a few prime outlet malls in Orlando, a great bargain with all the brand name’s and half or than half the price. Orlando International Premium Outlets and Outlet Marketplace are the spots to hit up for those nice threads for the kids, and of course, you are certainly deserving of a few new items too.

Save on an Educational Experience
Cape Canaveral isn't in Orlando, but it could be worth making the 50 mile trek out to if there’s a vessel of some sort launching off. Sit down on the beach a few miles away from the launch pad and see things like satellites blast off into space.

Be savvy with your days and choose the correct day to go to a museum. Orlando has tons of them, but getting to the right one, on the right day, can end up saving you a bunch. Harry P. Leu Gardens is free on the first Monday of the month, Mennello Museum of American Art is free every second Sunday of the month, and the Sanford and Winter Gardens Heritage Museums are always free. These are just to mention a few of the many options.

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