Boise, ID

 thermos c/o Stanley Brand, bag c/o Topo Designs

This year for Christmas I wanted two Christmas trees! We chopped down one in the forest (as seen here) for our porch outside and the other one we ended up getting at a tree lot. It's full and beautiful and most importantly, Van approves!

A few must haves for tree shopping are as follows:

1. Christmas spirit- don't let anything get you down, even a screaming toddler or tight budget
2. Hot chocolate- I brought mine in my awesome Stanley thermos and it stayed hot the entire time
3. Rope- you will need the appropriate twine to tie your tree to your rooftop, especially if you cut your tree down in the forest, but most often this is provided at tree lots/farms

We hope you are enjoying this Christmas season and the smell of pine in your homes like we are. Have a great Monday!
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