Lake Nacimiento, CA

So, I realize this post is long overdue but I thought it was too fun of a trip to not share. Summer photos in fall, sure why not? After all, we basically live the endless summer here in Southern California, am I right!?

In July Chase and I made a little trip up California to a place called Lake Nacimiento. Our original plan was to attend a family reunion in Mammoth Pools but since the forest was on fire with this terrible drought it was moved here. We all wondered how it would be as it was not tradition, but it ended up being perfect.

The lake was super warm and not crowded at all AND it had water, miracle! And for July that is unheard of. We spent a week as lake rats, wakeboarding, water skiing, jet skiing, canoeing and sleeping in the sun. Their is a campgrounds nearby that had running showers with hot water and toilets which was a nice perk since it was a super dry area.  It is a great place for large gathering campouts and small crowds on the lake. Our family felt like we had the campgrounds to ourselves, it was a nice treat. Add it to your to do list for next summer, it makes for a great weekend getaway.

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