Payette River, ID

It was the weekend and we drove to Tripod Meadows for some tenkara fishing and only caught fish about the size of my index finger--nothing note worthy, but it was fun! After exploring a few different spots we headed to a hot springs we've never been before in the Lowman area. 

 Shirt: Treeline Outdoors / Backpack: Topo Designs / Fishing rod: Tenkara Rod Co

Pine Flats hot springs is located by the South Fork of the Payette River just a short hike from a National Forest campground head. The pool sizes vary, and we found the perfect size for the three of us! The pools are open year round and with stellar river views you can't beat it. 

Fishing, hiking, and hot springs make for a great weekend. Where are you headed?

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2 comments on HOW WE WEEKEND

  1. Such a lovely way to spend a weekend :) Reminding me that I really should get outdoors more before the Australian summer hits too hard


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