Hot Creek, CA

Recently, Chase and I went on a little road trip up the coast to Lake Tahoe and back. After a good weekend in Tahoe, we decided to camp one night in Mammoth. We grabbed the most delicious chocolate croissants and cocoa at a local bakery and made our way through Bishop bright and early. Hopping into a hot spring sounded like the perfect remedy to jump start our day.

After a little googling, I found a hot springs called Hot Creek that was near Mammoth and we decided to check it out. Unfortunately, once we got there we read some signs and realized they were now off limits due to scourging temperatures and dangerous waters. Despite our disappointment we soaked in the views and watched a mama deer and her two babies climb up the steep hillside.

Since we still wanted to find a hot spring, we did a little more yelping as we drove towards Bishop and found another one near Hot Creek. It was called Little Hot Creek, but unfortunately it too was too hot as well! A quick toe dip was about all we could handle, we had such bad luck :(. I'm not sure if it was just the time of year or just that day. Either way, we plan on going back to Little Hot Creek in the winter with hopes that it will be soak worthy. The great thing about this hot spring was that locals had made it into a smooth hot tub with pipes that directed the natural hot water like jets. They even come and clean it, leaving notes on pallets to travelers asking them to be respectful while enjoying their visit. I thought this was great to see locals sharing their little secret wander with the rest of us.

For an awesome website on good hot springs in California, click HERE.

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  1. Awww shame they were super super hot. But it doesn't sound like as wasted trip if you got to watch Deer whilst munching on tasty croissants - that's my kind of morning
    x tink x

  2. Thanks for sharing! Shame that the trip didn't go all as planned but hopefully next time you guys can dip more than a toe into the hot water :)

  3. I remember going here as a kid-I was wondering if it was still there :)

  4. I love the picture with the daisy shirt and the springs in California are the best, and sometimes it's fun to search for them when they're totally off the beaten track!

    - Ava
    beck daily


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