So you know when you're dating someone new and you get all giddy over your first pic taken together? 
Well we thought it would be fun to dig through our pasts (thank you FaceBook) and find each of our first pics with our hubbies and share a little diddy about "the moment".

Spencer and Kylie

She was 18. He was 23. 
Clearly, they got bored and decided to go gangsta for the night. 
Obviously, finger tats had to happen. 
This silly activity most likely followed after a good game of guitar hero at the "Tree House." 
Either that or a concert starring Spencer's band, the Party Pandas.
But for reals, "let me see yo grilllll!"
(Don't mind our awesome first college apartment decor)

Drew and Megan

First of all, Drew's necklace is super awesome ;).
 Drew and Meg were known to be snuggly and cute, everyone loved(s) them.
Meg just downed a delicious hot cocoa after a fun ski sesh on the slopes.
Best friends always make the best spouses.
Meg and Drew are two peas in a pod.

Chase and Lisa

We were at the Pipe Contest on Oahu watching the surf. 
A friend was visiting and snuck this shot unbeknownst to us. 
It was a nice "tag" surprise on FaceBook.
We were tan and all sorts of giddy for each other.
I will be forever obsessed with the level of his blondness in this photo. 

Tell us about your first photo with your special someone!?

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  1. This is great. I'm pretty sure my fiance and I's first picture is a Halloween picture. He was biker (think sons of anarchy) and I was a cop, very classy. HA!

  2. My husband and I's first picture together was after we were engaged! We didn't date very long - only 5 weeks. I guess when you know, you know! Going on 10 years in the spring. <3

  3. This is awesome. I love how they are all two years apart from the last ;)

  4. love love love these! first pictures are always so fun (and usually hilarious!) my first picture with my husband was from when we were working together and had to stay up till 1 AM to finish putting together a huge community event that was starting the next morning. so, our picture is one that someone snapped of us looking EXHAUSTED and listening for our next instructions hahaha


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