Big Sur, CA

Dishware and cutlery c/o Kupilka

 It's simple, really. Camping breakfasts don't have to be complicated. Here we had some scrambled eggs and turkey sausage, all cooked to perfection over a campfire with a delicious cup of hot chocolate. We don't need to tell you how to make scrambled eggs and sausage, but we can tell you what you might need to make it.

What you need:
1. camping cookware, we recommend this set
2. coffee pot, we love this blue one
3. serving cup/bowl with cutlery

Ever wondered how to clean your dirty dishes when camping? Here's a little tip. Fill a pot with boiling water to make clean up a bit easier. The pot can also double as a sink to wash your other dishes and utensils with a mild camp soap that is environmentally friendly. You can always heat the dishes over the fire for sterilization before cooking again if you don't have camp soap. Let dishes air dry before stowing or using again. Happy camping!

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