Big Sur, CA

 Pepper spray c/o Tiger Light | Lumberjack hat c/o Treeline Outdoors | Tie-dye hat c/o Mowgli Surf | Backpack c/o Cotopaxi

We woke up with the sun and were anxious to explore our campsite overlooking seaside cliffs and hiking trails. We trotted around in our sweat pants and yesterday's make-up with just a few must-have items on hand. These items of course included awesome hats to hide our bed head, a backpack full of stuff, and some pepper spray just in case three girls might bring unwanted attention. 

We were pleased to each receive our own customized Tiger Light mini with our name on it. The Tiger Light mini also doubles as a flash light to blind attackers on top of spraying them with pepper spray! They are easy to use, fit perfectly in your purse or pocket, and the comfort they bring is worth any reservations you might have about traveling alone.

What safety items do you carry when you travel?
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1 comments on SAFETY FIRST

  1. I definitely sneak in pepper spay in my suitcase when I travel. You have to be careful though because there are different laws in every country. I do carry paper spray everyday too. You can never be too careful.


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