Santa Barbara, CA

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My husband Chase and I decided to take the coastal route on our way to a family reunion this summer. Our first stop was in Santa Barbara where we had breakfast and I drank the most delicious hot chocolate ever, see photo HERE.  Then we made our way through Pismo Beach and ended our day in Morro Bay. We were sure to make plenty of pit stops to enjoy the sites and attractions, starting in Pismo.

Pismo beach was a cute little beach town with some restaurants and lots of dune buggies to rent and ride on the beach. We didn't have the time, so went for some salt water taffy at the local candy store. Growing up whenever my family visited a small beach town on the coast, my dad would search for the nearest local taffy store and load us up with delicious treats. Taffy shops are always painted so cute and smell delicious, I just love them. It's a tradition I'd like to keep and do with my own family that my dad is probably unaware he even started :). After I stuffed my belly with taffy, my husband and I ate at an adorable train diner that served both Greek food and the usual burgers, fries and shakes. Then we drove through Los Osos to check out Spooners Cove and ended our day in Morro Bay. We explored the backside of the rock obsessing over all the cute otters eating clams and simply enjoyed mother nature and all her beauty.

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3 comments on GETTIN' COASTAL

  1. Aww I love Santa Barbara. That wild coast is really special, and your photos capture it so well!

    - Ava

    beck daily

  2. I could eat my weight in salt water taffy every day!! haha

    506 Miles

  3. I adore Morro Bay! And there's a taco place in SB that's amazing-I think it's called Lucys. Yummy!


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