Tahoe City, CA

 Back pack c/o: Topo Designs

Nothing beats the sound of unzipping your tent door only to find a view so breathtaking you think you're living in a calendar. Lake Tahoe is one of the most beautiful and amazing places I have ever been to. The beauty that lake has is incredible, and waking up to it had me all sorts of giddy. The water is a deep blue or aqua in color, and so clean that it's sometimes hard to believe you're not frolicking in the Pacific. With my bag in tote I had all the goodies I needed to get me through some great hikes into secluded coves at Lake Tahoe. La la land right there people.

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3 comments on DREAMY LAKE TAHOE

  1. this is beautiful. where in lake tahoe?

  2. Looks amazing! Where's that swim suit from? Super cute!


  3. I've been to Lake Tahoe once and you make me want to go back there soon! Lovely pictures :)


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