Wallowa, OR

On our way to Bend, Oregon we drove through the Wallowas. Camping season hadn't quite begun so we weren't able to camp, but we found camp sites ranging from $5-$30 that were absolutely gorgeous! I remember going to the Wallowas as a kid and camping with my family, and deer walked through our campsite like dogs looking for scraps. It was such a unique experience and I can't wait to go back with my family.

In the Wallowas you can hike or ride a horse to the summit of Mt. Howard. There are cabins to rent and camp sites available, especially around Wallowa Lake, so bring the whole family! Towns like Joseph and Enterprise are nearby for art galleries, shopping, food, and even mini-golf and go-carts. But most importantly, the land. It's land like this that Eastern Oregon is known for.

This road trip was particularly hard when we discovered Van gets car sick, and the winding roads weren't exactly helpful. He threw up a few times and we went through half of his outfits before even reaching the destination. However, the second he sat on that stump and discovered that teepee all was forgiven. FYI mama travelers, if your kid is sensitive like mine, try Kids Dramamine tablets or bracelets and everyone will be much happier!
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