Smith Rock, OR

 Location: Central Oregon / Destination: Smith Rock / Activity: Rock climbing and hiking

On to another one of the 7 Wonders of Oregon--Smith Rock! The great thing about Smith Rock is that everyone can enjoy it. Whether you are a die hard rock climber or hiker, there are many skill levels for the hills and climbs. The upper area is more flat where you can walk around and enjoy the view, and the lower area is filled with trails along the Crooked River. There are restrooms, picnic areas, and on-leash trails for those of you with dogs--so bring your friends!

Whether you rock climb, hike, mountain bike, or just want to spot some golden eagles and river otters, Smith Rock is the place to go for an epic time!
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5 comments on SMITH ROCK

  1. Your pictures are gorgeous! Smith Rock looks like a must-see place :)

  2. All these amazing photos and trips around the US make me want to go there again - and soon!! Smith Rock sounds like a great place for adventure :)

    Non of you guys are in Taiwan right now, right? My sister thought she saw one of you but I told her I'm pretty sure you all are in the US at the moment (based on my knowledge from blog lurking, hahah) :)

    1. all in america, haha. would've loved to ran into a fan abroad! :) xx

  3. oh wow those pictures are gorgeous, i can only imagine that it is breathtaking in person.

  4. This looks so awesome. I'm going there this weekend! Excited to see a wonder of Oregon. Love the blog..


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