Big Sur, CA

Hat and sleeping bag c/o Treeline Outdoors

It was the second night of our road trip and we didn't have a camp site reserved. We figured we'd just wing it. Well, turns out camping on the side of the road in Big Sur is free and after talking to a few people we figured this was the best plan. We drove along the windy road up the mountain until we found a suitable spot. The clouds hung low and the ocean views were stellar. Every corner we turned the view seemed to get better.

We ended up finding a turn out where several other procrastinators like us had pitched camp. Nestled inbetween a group of Australian boys (those accents, tho) and a friendly lone Harley driver we set up our tent. No fires were allowed so once the sun set our options of things to do grew limited. Soon we were ready to crawl into our cozy sleeping bag by Treeline Outdoors---yes, we all three slept in it! What a gem! We attempted to read a book before drifting off to sleep, but we didn't make it past a few pages.

The next day we woke up and drove up the coast to our next adventure, and of course we stopped to smell the wild flowers!
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2 comments on ROADSIDE CAMPING

  1. That's awesome that you can camp roadside in Big Sur!

    Really good to know! Thank you for sharing.

    Jenna @ maybe lately

  2. The resulting tent appears like a mound, with no visible poles on the outside due to the addition of a flysheet. Such shelters are ideal for setting camp on sites where wind is usually at its prime. Bushcraft Essentials


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