Big Sur, CA

Lisa, Kylie and Megan hitting the road to Big Sur, California. We were ready to rock and brought along our Cotopaxi packs for the ride. The reason these packs are so rad is their mission that every gear purchase you make, Cotopaxi donates directly to a humanitarian cause around the world. So the money you spend on cool gear actually helps people. That's awesome. In the product listing it tells you exactly where your purchase goes, too. 
Lisa likes the way the wind feels beneath her arms. And big red floppy hats and wearing her "coastal" rain jacket. It's a real thing. A jacket dedicated to the unpredictably cold and dewey "coastal" weather.
Meg likes to smile her cute sweet smile, and look perfect without trying. She's rocking the Cotopaxi Cusco, leaving the baby wipes, sippy cups and diapers behind and throwing in the water bottles, pocket knives and chocolate bars for our sister road trip. 
You can always rely on Kylie to do something a little weird. She's all about flower power and inappropriate gestures (not pictured) for a good belly laugh. The wind about blew us all over from this cliff. We're lucky we made it. 
Meet Kilimanjaro. A pack for the minimalist at heart. When you purchase this pack you actually provide one week of tutoring for a child in Tanzania. Now that is rad! Gear for good.  
Lisa and Megan were a little nervous walking to the edge.  We spent some time exploring Sand Dollar Beach, and despite the chilly weather we hiked along the cliffs of Big Sur and ventured the coastline, talking about how much candy we consume and whether or not we'll ever be able to control ourselves. 
 Lisa, Megan and Kylie 

This trip was all in celebration of our 26th birthday, so naturally we talked about what we wanted to accomplish in the next year and reflected on how far we've come since our super mom gave birth to us. It's hard living apart, so we cherish our time together. Moments like these are the kind we talk about over and over again. There's definitely no sense of personal space in our book - we're all about being close and snuggly, just like when we were "womb-mates."
 Lisa, Megan and Kylie taking in the views. 
Backpacks c/o Cotopaxi

Need to snag some new gear? If you're looking for a a new pack, claim yourself a 10% discount on your purchase by entering coupon code "TRAVELINGTRIPLETS" at checkout. We love our gear sponsors and are stoked to have Cotopaxi on board with us. 

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  1. Belated happy 26th girls!! I love those backpacks, so simple yet so stylish! And that top photo of you three, such a happy thing to see! Continue to bless and be blessed!

    With love from the Philippines,
    The forever curious Katrina

  2. Love Cotopaxi. I have one of their backpacks and I love it. The fabric is to unique and it seems so sturdy.


  3. This is so cool I can't believe I've never heard of you guys! Excellent work, nice photos too! :-)


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