Encinitas, CA

I love summer time. It's perfect weather, the days are longer, the water is warmer, and the waves are smaller. I try to surf at least twice a week so I can get better at long-boarding. One day I would love to be able to walk up and down my board and hang ten, but that will take time and perhaps a miracle.

I picked up surfing when I moved to Hawaii in 2010 so am learning each time I go out. Surfing is such a unique sport that requires a lot of time, patience, and practice to master. It can be easily discouraging with quite the learning curve, but is worth it to stick it out. Luckily, I have an amazing husband who was raised surfing so gives me pointers and tricks on how to improve.

Each time I go out, I make a goal in my mind of how many waves I want to catch. I know that may sound lame to some, but as a beginner surfer it really helps motivate me and make me feel good about what I have accomplished once I'm done. The most important thing is to relax, have fun and just enjoy being out in the water. The ocean is such a peaceful and beautiful place and has it's own magical ways of healing people of their worries.

So for all you ladies who are interested in learning how to surf, I say DO IT! Learn about the ocean, the tides, the different surf breaks and why waves break where they do. It's good to have a background knowledge of the ocean and which way waves are breaking before diving in. Otherwise just do what a sweet Hawaiian man once told me while I was first learning in Oahu, "Just follow the white stuff!" :). Have an experienced friend take you or look into receiving a surf lesson. There is no better feeling than catching your first wave, so don't miss out on a rad experience. It is quickly addicting and will make you really happy, I promise.

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  1. Great tips!
    I told myself I'll try surfing one day!

    Also, super cute bodysuit!


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