La Jolla, CA

Back pack c/o: Designer Whey | Tank top c/o: Indy Brand Clothing

Wind N Sea beach in La Jolla has been on my bucket list to visit in San Diego ever since I moved here. I've heard it's the closest thing to Hawaii I can find in these parts, so you better believe I've been dying to go. Unfortunately this past Saturday the weather decided to be gloomy, windy, and grey making it for a chilly beach day. You know the kind where you don't dare take off your cover up and just want to bundle up in your towel for warmth! Although, I was still able to enjoy the beautiful aqua waters with an actual wave and shore break to play in that made me feel like I was in Hawaii again. They have an actual reef break, not just sand so that makes it a little unique. Just an FYI, I've seen pictures of this beach on warm and sunny days and its even more dreamy than this. The water gets so clear and aqua so I can't wait to do round two on a sunny day!

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3 comments on LOVE YOUR CITY - LA JOLLA

  1. OKAY cutest town. cutest backpack, cutest shorts, cutest everything! GAH

    xo Lauryn
    Lauryncakes | Beauty & Fashion

  2. What size did you get in the shorts?!

  3. Oh, La Jolla! I went to Coronado Beach with my family. Man it is GORGEOUS! I miss it so much. San Diego is an incredible place--my dad grew up there. So I was eager to get to see the places he was familiar with, and get to see the museums in Balboa Park. I miss the ocean. But one thing I definitely miss as well--The Prado restaurant. Man it was so good...I miss the Passion Fruit soda, the calamari fries (to die for!), the Kobe burger...the chocolate cake. Man! I need to go back. And jump into the ocean once I get to the beach!


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