We met Lisa when we were on the Doctors TV Show! She was my (Kylie) colorist and did an amazing job! We spent a good 10 hours together for the hair transformation color process on day one, and even more later on - so we got to know each other pretty well. Lisa is such a bright, fun, bubbly, gorgeous woman with high spirits and a contagiously happy demeanor! We loved this girl right away. After spending a ton of time in the sink and trying not to let the ever-so-lovely blowouts put me to sleep, I learned about her life and the fact that she was an LA Lakers girl and is also a vagabond. She travels the world and does fun and adventurous things, and we connected right away! Lisa recently took a trip to New Zealand's North Island and she is here today to share some photos and details about her trip! 
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Piha Beach with Black Volcanic Sand. Lion Rock in the background. 
One of the most beautiful beaches I have seen. 
 Climb up Lion Rock and take in the view of Piha Beach below. 
Cathedral Cove in Coromandel Pennisula. 
You can only get here by hiking, so be warn. It's worth the effort. 
Once you arrive you can you land on one part of the beach turn to the left and there is the Cathedral Cove! Walking through is unbelievable. Tip: go when the sun is high and bright. Makes for better picture taking...This is also a film site for Chronicles of Narnia!

Driving on a Geothermal Highway through Rotorua, we came across a foggy portion of the highway. Fog? Nope! The steam from geothermal sites rising into the air. This is a large mud pool (free to visit).
We stopped at Wai-O-Tapu Geothermal Wonderland. 
The "Champagne Pool" inside Wai-o-Tapu Geothermal Wonderland(admission required).
Driving down through Taupo you must stop and witness the turbulent and powerful Huka Falls. The water is like no other fall I have ever set eyes on. The aqua made it seem unreal. 
Adventurous? Check out Waitomo Caves. I unfortunately was not allowed to take my camera into the caves nor did I pay for the pics the guide took :-/ buuuuut you get to climb down into this underground cave to the river. Scale the (small)rocks, jump (smallish)waterfalls, see and learn about glow worms. Pretty fun stuff! 
Waiheke island. An island full of wonderful vineyards/wineries. We had some of the best wines there. If the wineries aren't where you want to go on Waiheke Island, stop by The Cove for a bite, beer and they also carry the local wines from the island!
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