How many times have you, as a single female or even group of female friends, been traveling together and worried about your safety? It's never a bad idea to be prepared for bad things to happen, because sometimes in life things go terribly wrong. Whether you're with a mixed group or flying solo, never go ill prepared.

I feel comforted in knowing that I will know what to do in the case of an emergency, and a survival guide that goes where I go on my mobile device makes it easy to not forget to pack an extra book or frantically flip through pages looking for the right thing to do. The Adventurist is a series of survival audio books that help in times of emergency by simply tuning in as if you were listening to music. They're AWESOME, and they have one for all kinds of biomes from desert, jungle and arctic to sea and bushcraft.
Survival audio books c/o The Adventurist

From treating bleeding wounds, hypothermia and burns to stings, bites, shock, moving casualties, dehydration and breaks these audiobooks provide you with easy to understand knowledge on first aid.

In addition to first aid, they also cover emergency details on rescue, shelter, fire, water, food, camp and even MORALE (like how to stay positive to improve chances of survival). Each guide goes over how to analyze your resources, use morse code for help, and adapt to your environment as well as building natural shelters, hunting for food and protecting yourself from dangerous animals. It literally covers EVERYTHING.

Adventurist Survival Audiobooks even include facts to help you know what you're getting into based on the survival guide you select (i.e. desert guide mentions how much water you should be drinking, and the arctic guide talks about how long you can survive in certain elements). It's super helpful, and we really want you to use them too so you can stay safe when you're adventuring. As a reader and follower of our blog, you get a FREE version of Bushcraft Survival Lite by entering coupon code TRAVELSAFE at checkout. How awesome is that?

Know what to do when crap hits the fan, and get real-time emergency advice! Don't worry about studying books, getting certified or trying to figure it all out beforehand. With this guide, you have a quick plan for what to do when things go awry.

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