La Jolla, CA

Remember when I ocean kayaked HERE? Well here we are again, visiting La Jolla for another adventure. This little beach town is such a gorgeous scenic place to check out in Southern California. Edged with steep cliff lines and caves, La Jolla Cove is home to many protected seals and sea birds. But consider yourself warned, it smells rather icky. Seals just don't smell all that great. I guess that's what eating fish and laying on rocks piled on top of all your friends will do to ya ;). Aside from that, the water is such a beautiful teal color and on a good day very clear. You can easily spot California's state fish the Garibaldi swimming just beneath the surface amongst the kelp. And before you leave, don't forget to stop by one of the many adorable coastal cafe's for a bite to eat!

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4 comments on LOVE YOUR CITY - LA JOLLA

  1. Beautiful! La Jolla is one of my favorite beaches. We went kayaking there last February and we saw an insane amount of sharks. I flipped out a little bit!

  2. I actually just posted about my time in San Diego - I completely fell in love with the city and La Jolla Cove, would absolutely love to live there!

    Elissa |

  3. Wow it's really beautiful and I love the animals!


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