Big Sur, CA

First of all, I cannot express enough how much we Fly girls LOVE camping. We were raised on outdoor adventure and can't help but have it in our blood. Choosing to celebrate our 26th birthday this year by road tripping up the California Coast was the best idea yet. There was something so liberating about camping with just us three girls, no husbands, no babies, no schedules. Just three sisters and the open road. What an amazing trip it was where so many fun memories were made. We stayed up late reading out loud to each other under the stars. We giggled around the campfire while stuffing our faces with yummy food. We camped above the clouds at a place we will literally never forget. We even met some overly friendly locals that had us feeling good about ourselves, makeup-less and all. Big Sur offers the perfect balance between mountains and ocean with views that will have you stopping for photos at every vista you can find. More on our camping trip to come :)

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