Vacation season is coming fast, and there is never a better time to be dreaming about luxurious hotels and world-class pampering. While not everyone enjoys the idea of spending as much on a vacation as they would spend on a car, sometimes it is nice to simply stare at beautiful resorts and dream. Here are just a few of the most incredible places around the world that are sure to make your mouth water!
Located in the eastern Caribbean Sea, Jade Mountain of St. Lucia is one of the most incredibly designed resort hotels in the world. With rooms built directly into the mountain, none of the suites have a fourth wall facing the ocean—instead, the rooms have built-in pools that flow out over the edge of the room, leading the way to a breathtaking panoramic view of the surrounding nature. With careful attention paid to the location of each room, the privacy of guests is not compromised in having open rooms, as there is nowhere on land or sea where people can see into the rooms from the outside. 
While the pools help connect the surrounding land to the guests’ rooms, they will also enjoy an amazing tropical atmosphere. Shutters on the back walls allow for guests to enjoy a Caribbean breeze through their room, and Jade Mountain is the perfect location to enjoy some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and mountains at the same time. Of course, leaving your room is entirely optional during your stay, and the resort happily provides you with a personal phone that rings up service directly, who will compete to accommodate anything you can ask for. 
If you are wanting a more up-close-and-personal experience with the beach, look no further than the Four Seasons of Bora Bora. Located on one of the most highly regarded islands in the world, Four Seasons offers bungalow housing situated directly on top of the ocean. Rooms offer a variety of immediate water access, including glass floors and ladders into the bay along with private decks and pools. 

If you somehow manage to tire of the amazing oceanfront view, there are plenty of activities for marine lovers as well. Take tours of the bay area and get familiar with the marine life through snorkeling or scuba diving—the choice is yours. The resort also provides complimentary canoes and kayaks while offering activities such as wind surfing and fishing. The chef will even prepare anything you might catch! Definitely a dream vacation for ocean lovers everywhere. 

People who aren’t so crazy about the beach still have dreamy vacation locations to fawn over, of course. Las Vegas has some of the biggest and finest hotels in the world, and many go above and beyond to please their guests. As Dany Willis writes, the Palms even allows you to "play basketball in your hotel room ... stay at the Palms Hardwood Suite and you’ll find a half basketball court, locker rooms and a giant electronic scoreboard!" Sounds pretty amazing, though we prefer to dream about even more extravagant living. As we said before, the Bellagio has it all, and that much is still true. This hotel casino offers top-notch live performances, its own botanical gardens, fine art gallery, and of course, the famous dancing fountains. 

The rooms themselves are also some of the best in the world. The top suites include their own personal gardens and fine art, a little private slice of the entire hotel. The chairman suite even includes an entire section of the floor, giving guests three additional rooms for their “entourage.” As if that was not enough luxury, guests enjoy 24/7 private butler assistance, including delivery from any of the five-star restaurants in the area. If eating out is more your thing, the butler can arrange for reservations anywhere you like, preferential treatment is always given to the highest level guests. 

While all of these rooms run thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars per night, they are not the sort of place people are likely to visit every other month. Still, they are nice to dream about and offer an experience second to none. If you’re ready to be treated like royalty and live in a fantasy for a week, there are plenty of places around the world that are ready to make this a reality.
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