Pacific City, OR

Pacific City, Oregon is the place to go if you appreciate the finer things in life. Get away from the crowds and take in the view. Whether you are in need of a quiet getaway for a romantic weekend, good surf session, special celebration, or just a fun family vacation--there is something for everyone.
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5 comments on PACIFIC CITY

  1. There is nothing I like more than an empty beach. Looks so lovely!

  2. Nice shots, Megan. It looks so peaceful there :)

    I actually have a question. Did you take these pictures with your Canon 60D? In my eyes, these and some of your other pictures have this film vibe (the colors and grain) - like they were captured on film. Is it due to your editing process?

    1. yes these were shot on a canon 60D but i use editing software called vsco film!


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