Oceanside, OR

Destination: Maxwell Point Tunnel / Location: Oceanside, Oregon / Activity: Hike

Located in Oceanside, this tunnel was built in the early 20th century leading to a hidden beach called Lost Boy Beach. The walkway is high enough to be safe from the waves and is easily accessible. Wander through the mostly paved tunnel until you see the light revealing the black basalt surroundings on the other side. This is called Lost Beach for a reason. It is sort of eerie but beautiful at the same time.

My son, Van, loves to go on hikes like this. He is happiest in that backpack exploring the world from his mama's shoulders. Even when the wind is blowing and his nose is running, he is bright eyed and smiling. So far I have been impressed with Van's ability to adapt to our surroundings, no matter where we go. I am one lucky mama to have such a fun travel buddy!
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