Encinitas, CA

My husband and I spend as much time as we can going to the beach, even if it's just for a quick surf sesh after work. There is something so refreshing and rejuvenating about dipping in the ocean. It literally washes away stress. It's my muse that's for sure.

This past week was one for the books here in San Diego. The Santa Ana winds were blowing like crazy, creating hot temperatures in the upper 90's. There were nine (I believe, maybe more) awful brush fires that burned tons of land and spotted various areas of North County throughout all of last week. So please remember to keep the people who were effected in your prayers because they are needed, felt, and appreciated.

Aside from the crazy weather last week, the waves were glassy goodness. Better yet, the water was a beautiful bright aqua, clear as day. To the point I could imagine for a second I was in Hawaii again. Gotta love days like these. Hope they inspire you to plan a good beach trip this summer, because you deserve it!

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