Did you know we are not trust fund babies? (If you are, we don't have beef with you, power to ya). People can often jump to their own creative conclusions about how we travel so much. It's no special secret and it's certainly no hidden pile of money or endless incoming funds... it's simple. It's called budgeting and sticking to it. We work for what we earn and as you can imagine, traveling is not cheap. A lot of times it seems impossible to do those dream trips we keep pinning on Pinterest. It can be discouraging as we drown ourselves in social media and see other people doing fun things and start thinking our lives are rather boring or uninteresting and that we're "stuck."

If any of this resonates with you, we are here to tell you to STOP! YOU ARE NEVER STUCK. We always have a choice. We always have the power to change. And if there's something you don't like about your life or yourself, change it. Do something about it. Quit wallowing and take action. It takes motivation, determination, and commitment.

In past posts, we've talked about budgeting. We've even offered our readers a copy of our budget sheet template to use for themselves when planning a trip or trying to gain control of their finances. It's something I think even we ourselves forget about, but we get emails trickling in over the years requesting for a copy. A new email today reminded me of what a great resource it is to have a budget template.

I have made our budget template downloadable for free HERE. If you want a copy, check it out. This is a great way to get started on planning your summer dream trip! Even if it takes you a year or more to get there, somewhere! ANYWHERE! You can DO IT. 

Start saving today. Practice saying NO. Doing without. 
Forgoing something good for something better. 
That's the secret. 

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  1. What a great resource. Thank you so much for sharing. I like to use mint.com. The pie chart broken down by type of expenses keeps me honest and on track.

  2. this is just so fabulous. more people need to understand!

  3. HEAR YA! and Samantha nails it... the money you save by saying no to the small things (like coffee-on-the-go, take-away for lunch or dinner, a candybar, etc) can actually get you far.

  4. This is really great, thanks! My fiancé and I are soon to move to a different country with different jobs and different expenses (oh ya, and the cost of a wedding) so this spreadsheet will be very helpful for dealing with our new household budget, thanks!

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