Kylie, Lisa and Megan circa 1988 with one hot mama
The mother of all mothers. Super mom. We love you. The world is just so much better because you're in it. We have no idea how you did it. We have no idea how you stayed sane. All we know is that you did, and you did it with amazing grace, patience and love. We feel so blessed to be your daughters.

Happy Mother's Day, lovely readers! We hope all of you out there, whether you're a mother or just have mother's to love in your life, are enjoying your day to its fullest. Because YOU DESERVE IT.

Here's a little video I made of Meggie and her Van bug last Fall. Since she's the only mother of the three of us, I think it's special to do what I can to capture those moments that are so fleeting in a woman's lifelong journey of motherhood. Cherish your mothers.

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