From Lisa: What a unique product that I absolutely love. I have my own jewelry company and often choose to create outside in parks or on the beach. But in order to know what to make, I need a laptop or iPad to see the orders that have been placed. The Aero-Tray is the perfect product to make my life easier! I hated how I had to have my iPad laying on my blanket or prop it awkwardly in my lap, making me hot. I was always having to crouch, which was just uncomfortable. With the Aero-Tray, I can prop it at the perfect angle to take a quick glance at what I need to do with no fuss, knowing it is safe and secure. Whether sitting on the grass, on a table or in my lap it is incredibly convenient and easy to tote around.
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From Kylie: As a vagabond at heart, I am always on the go. I fly more times than I can count, and always seem to be cramming onto airplanes and weighing my luggage. On my shorter flights, I usually try to get some editing in. I am a photographer and videographer, and there's always projects to be working on. My experience editing on planes is just what you would imagine - I'm the lucky one sitting behind "that guy" who reclines 100% which leaves me about 6 inches to open my laptop and work with my screen basically folded/half closed. Or those lucky flights when you do have the allotted space, but the passenger in front of you suddenly makes a change of plans and launches their seat back with no warning and snaps your monitor. 

The Aero-Tray is mobile and about the size of a laptop (like a coffee-table book)- so although it's a bit bulkier than I would like for my lighter traveling it has proved to be very useful for shorter trips where I'm not tight on carry-on space. I love that you can prop it up to its highest height, and with all that on your tray on the airplane you don't sacrifice your beloved cup holder because there is one built in! I love that. I definitely love my complimentary beverages and snacks, so having a tray that is easy to slide out is a game changer.

From Megan: The aero-tray is designed to double space in tight airplane seating, but we thought we'd test out other uses for it as well. My family and I go on a lot of road trips when we're not able to travel abroad, and this is something I love to use for watching movies in bed or reading (currently reading: Spots), or both! The aero-tray is the ultimate working station and can be used at home, on the airplane, in your hotel room, and pretty much anywhere you need an angle of support for your personal items. After taking some time to read the instructions for all the different positions this thing has, I was very impressed with not only its versatility but how high quality it is.

To make your travels a little bit easier, click here to get your own Aero-tray! 
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