Multnomah Falls, OR

 Destination: Multnomah Falls / Location: Historic Colombia River Highway

You gotta stop by Multnomah Falls next time you're in Oregon, you just gotta. Located only 30 minutes outside of Portland, this beautiful waterfall is designated the tallest waterfall in the state of Oregon, and the second tallest waterfall in the United States. It drops in two different spots, totaling 620 feet! 

According to Native American folklore, Multnomah Falls was created to win the heart of a young princess who wanted a hidden place to bathe. You can see the top portion of the falls from the highway, but to view both tiers you have to walk to the viewing area or take a walk on the paved trail for a mind-boggling perspective of the falls. 

Multnomah Falls is definitely a must see in Oregon. Pull over and see for yourself, it's worth it.
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4 comments on MULTNOMAH FALLS

  1. There is something so magical about a lush, green forest blanketed in light fog. Definitely adding this destination to our west coast road trip :)

  2. Oh my goodness. This is so gorgeous.

    xo. M.

  3. Such a lovely view! I love it. I really like your post. No doubt Multnomah Falls is a stunning Waterfall in United States of America. But according to my point of view; the most viewable waterfall is Niagara Falls and I think the niagara falls helicopter tour offers a great opportunity to see this beautiful waterfall with the bird's eye.

  4. According to Native American folklore Multnomah Falls was created because of a sacrifice given by the Chiefs own daughter who sacrificed her life to the gods to lift the great sickness over her people


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